Grove Square Galleries Sign Highly Sought-after Artist Elena Gual in Face of Unprecedented Investor Demand

Grove Square Galleries

Elena, is a London-based Spanish artist who is on the verge of becoming the next big art star.


Her journey to London took her via the Florence Academy of Art, Saint Martin's School of Arts, as well as the Royal Academy in London, so she has the pedigree behind her to back up her undoubtable talent. Utilising the skills she learned at these venerable establishments, Elena has spent the proceeding years developing her own inimitable style, bringing her to the attention of the curators at Grove Square Assets & Grove Square Galleries.


Grove Square Galleries' managing director George Harrison explains the reasons why Elena was quickly identified as an artist of interest: "First and foremost, women in power are very popular right now with all demographics. There is a concerted movement regarding equality and women's significance in our society, which Elena tallies in very nicely with. There is also demand for young, dynamic, entrepreneurial women in business at present, and Elena emphatically ticks that box as well.


"Elena comes with an educational pedigree behind her that lines up with all the greatest artists, and when it comes to investment grade art, an artists' background is usually the first port of call for any scrutiny. For us, Elena's education is another area that adds strength to her brand.


"In addition to her schooling, Elena is well versed in social media, boasting an Instagram following of 185,000 people. Bearing in mind that this number has been reached without any real promotion or exposure and you can see why this number is phenomenal. In this current day and age, social media can make or break a professional in any industry, and Elena has already shown that she has the ability to command a huge audience, which is only set to grow exponentially. "The fact that she has already managed to successfully promote her work without assistance just goes to reinforce the strength of her marketability.


"Lastly, as far as we are concerned at Grove Square, her value at investment level is almost unparalleled. Any investors seeking hard assets from talented emerging artists with work available at the floor price, would be hard pushed to find anyone comparable whose work will increase more in value over the next 1-5 years."


Usually we have customers purchase artwork simply because they are fans who like the aesthetic appeal, but we are now receiving an unprecedented amount of interest from investors simply looking to put their money in a safe tangible asset set to explode in value over the coming years.


Elena Gual is set to be at the forefront of this quasi-revolution, and her work is already piquing the interest of collectors & investors globally. Elena is signed exclusively to Grove Square Galleries, who are opening their new gallery in Fitzrovia with a planned exhibition of her work in the second quarter of 2020.

June 11, 2020