Virtual Tour - Arcadia: A Group Exhibition

Focusing on humanity’s relationship with nature and our evolving ideal of a perfect world, Arcadia, a group exhibition featuring work by the gallery’s diverse roster of artists, examines how this highly subjective concept has evolved – from an idyllic wilderness abounding with nature to a futuristic utopia. 


“From poetry to art, film to music, the idea of a perfect epoch and environment has fascinated us throughout the ages and has been the inspiration for art in all its forms. Historically, Arcadia has been synonymous with a nostalgic ideal of man’s Golden Age – both through living in harmony with nature and as a symbol of a simpler time – and yet we see through these artists’ eyes potential new perspectives. Whether directed by ecological or spiritual concerns, or emotional desire for time or space, these artists provoke compelling narratives. However diverse, together they culminate in a powerful articulation of our relationship with the world.